IVMUN is a three-day simulation of United Nations’ conference for students aged 13-22, where they can follow side-by-side world events, assume the roles of United Nations members’ representatives to debate over complex social issues and propose innovative solutions. At IVMUN, delegates from all over the world, especially in Vietnam, are enabled to interact with each other, not only to gain knowledge, but also to hone their diplomacy skills and adopt new perspectives. Not only does IVMUN conduct conferences with professionalism, but we also hope to engage our participants through incorporating elements of the fictional world into dynamic forums.

Through two years of formation and development, IVMUN 2017 is operated by the enterprising board of management of talented individuals from high schools across Vietnam, together with the assistance of a panel of seasoned advisors from large universities around the world. With a common view to letting students closer to world forums, we aspire to bringing a professional, educational and exciting opportunity for every participant in this conference. Our myriad committees, novel topics, informative sessions, and, above all, dedicated team of secretariats reaffirm our commitment to delivering an exceptional experience.


Take a look at IVMUN 2016 here:


Outstanding experience with talented Secretariat members

Up-to-date committees and topics

High-quality meals and service

State-of-the-art infrastructure

Recognized certificates

Practical experience for future MUN conferences - especially for first-timers!

Additional Resume recognition


Remodeled organization

Inter-committee activities

Enhanced global outreach

Informative Advisory Panels with Experts

Inter-cultural experience

Delegation registration

News outlets

Changing the world, one resolution at a time