Committee Introduction

The Economic and Financial Committee, (also known as ECOFIN) is the second of the six committees of the United Nations General Asembly (UNGA). It was formed with the rest of the General Assembly when the UN was established after the Second World War in 1945. The committee first met in London in January 1946. Since then, the committee meets once every year in October for a 4-5 week session.

ECOFIN’s primary roles include addressing issues related to economic growth and development with specific regard to macro-economic policy on international trade and external debt sustainability, security of financing for sustainable development, poverty eradication, globalization and interdependence.

ECOFIN has assisted many developing countries through times of financial crisis and development in order to spur growth and prosperity. Through its foreign aid programs, ECOFIN has set goals in lowering poverty and relieving economic strain on countries facing large amounts of debt or countries that are in need of financial reconstruction.

Topic 1: Preventing Monopoly on Food Production, Trade and Retail

Topic 2: Regulations regarding the International Rise of Cryptocurrency

Committee Chairs:

Ha Nguyen

Duc Dung Pham

Le Quang Trinh