Ever since it appeared, the Fantasy Crisis Council has been one of the most prominent and unique committees of IVMUN due to its novelty and dynamic nature. Deviating from the conventional General Assembly and Specialized Committees, the Fantasy Crisis Council combines the fast-paced and diverse characteristics of a Crisis Council with the unlimited prospects of the fantasy world.

What makes Fantasy Crisis Council so sought-after are its devotion to individualizing the conference experience and its demand for fast-paced decision-making, along with a fascinating story plot which is certain to engage delegates in the committee’s sessions. Delegates in Fantasy Crisis Council are enabled to represent the characters from the fictional universe with their special abilities to resolve the crises presented in the council, and each decision whether independently or unanimously made can significantly influence the events of the conference. Whether you are a MUN veteran or a novice, IVMUN Fantasy Crisis Council is the perfect place for you should you seek for an out-of-this-world experience where the only limitation is your creativity, and the one thing to expect is the unexpected.

TOPIC: The Stark-Rogers Summit: Civil War


Hong Nhung Pham

Minh Hieu Nguyen


Hai Chau Le

Ngoc Vuong Hoang