Monetary Policy

Registration Fees

The Delegate registration fee for the Platinum Registration Round will be VND 750,000, which includes high-quality food and drinks, necessary utilities for three days of Conference, and automatic consideration for Awards.

The Observer registration fee will be VND 400,000, which includes high-quality food and drinks, and necessary utilities for three days of Conference.

Delegations with at least 07 qualified Delegates will receive a 10% fee reduction for all members of the Delegation (including Observers).

All Conference fees must be paid before the deadlines as detailed in the Registration Policy page.

Financial Aid Program

Understanding the financial barriers that many Delegates may have in joining IVMUN 2019, we are proud to offer 01 grant of VND 750,000 and 02 grants of VND 375,000 for 03 applicants in the Platinum Registration round who fulfill all of the following conditions:

  1. The applicant must have filled in the Financial Aid supplements in the Platinum Delegate Registration form.

  2. The applicant must be offered a Delegate position in the Platinum Registration Round of IVMUN 2019.


  • Decisions regarding the Financial Aid application and Delegate application are made separately. You will be notified of the decision regarding your application alongside the Delegate Registration results.

  • There is no guarantee that you will be granted Financial Aid after submission of all application materials.

  • All decisions regarding the grant recipients are final, and recipients may not transfer their grants into money or to another Delegate.

Package Program

In order to better cater for the needs of our Delegates, IVMUN would like to introduce a Delegate package. The package does not only include the participation fees during our 3-day Conference, but also offer lodgings and recreation at relatively modest prices. With the advent of this feature, we hope to provide our delegates, especially those not living in Hanoi, with the best experience of the city while joining IVMUN. Delegates are not obliged to sign up for a package, yet opting for this novel experience at a Model United Nations Conference will surely be worth the choice. The available packages at IVMUN 2019 is as follows:

Standard Package: Participation Fees + Food and Drinks + Additional Appliances

Valued Package: Participation Fees + Food and Drinks + Additional Appliances + Lodging + Transport + Socials

Prices will be informed to registered Delegates and Observers.

Refund Policy

1. All Delegates must make their payments before the end of official training day of the conference.

2. Delegates who, after admission, are then unable to participate in the main Conference due to personal reasons must write an email informing the Secretariat before the official training day. Otherwise, the Secretariat will bear no responsibility to offer any refund.

3. Delegates who have received a confirmation from the Secretariat can receive a maximum refund of 50% of the Delegate registration fee or transfer their payment to another Delegate.