[FAO] Consensus Reached? - Common grounds meet in the process of crafting resolutions

Yesterday, the Delegates of FAO have divided the House into 3 blocs with different stances. However, on the third session, blocs have joined and agreed on the merger of Draft Resolutions 1.1 and 1.2. This movement shall be considered a great step in the debate, as there shall be benefits for all nations. The delegate of China spoke up for the merged Draft Resolutions below:

As the Council has observed, progress is being made. The Delegate, as a sponsor of this merged resolution, believes in the power of alleviating the problem of unsafe pest control, as developing and developed countries join hands.
— Delegate of China

Apparently, consensus has been reached, but not among all nations. Because of the failure of Draft Resolution 1.3, some delegates have backed out of the merger of a new Draft Resolution. There's likely to be another Draft Resolution (?) in competition with the merged one. In less probability, these delegates might be taking their time for further consideration whether to agree or disagree.

Amanda TranComment