[DISEC] The Illicit Trafficking of Weapons

As the fourth Committee Session begins, nations have been debating on the topic of The Illicit Trafficking of Weapons. The Arms Trade Treaty was also discussed earlier in the Session.

The Delegate of France stated that France in the main supporter of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). He believed that the treaty is vital to global security. The Delegate of Mexico also supported the view and urges nations that have yet to sign or ratify the Arms Trade Treaty to do so. Nonetheless, several countries have expressed their concerns regarding the treaty. Mexico said that ATT can not be adapted to every country. “We call for the house attention and support for the recommendation and proposal for a new treaty”. Various nations – including the US were also against the treaty.

Solutions to Combating Illicit Arms Trade were also debated on by nations. The US wants to tighten the border of both the black market and the legal market and reduce the demand to buy weapons. Furthermore, Mexico urged countries to solve their domestic problems in order to reduce illicit arms trade. The Delegate of France repeatedly supported the ATT: “I believe that the Arms Trade Treaty can be very efficient in combating gun trafficking”. He also pointed out the fact that ATT has 154 members, but the problem was that they are not weapon producers. “The biggest weapon producers in the world are the US and China, but none of them are members of ATT” – quoted the Delegate of France.

It is indisputable that progress has been made regarding paths to solving the problem. Conflicts seem to have arisen in the committee and we hope that the Delegates can work together to materialize a Draft Resolution as soon as possible.

by Binh Nguyen Nguyen — IVMUN 2019 Observer