After the failure of Draft Resolution 1.1, the Bloc consisting of Colombia, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Brazil, Cambodia, the United Kingdom and Mexico has been allowed to introduce a new draft resolution including only seven operative clauses "but elaborated in a more realistic and comprehensive manner than the very first Draft Resolution 1.1" - quoted Brazil. Apparently, the sponsors of this Draft Resolution are also the driving force behind the failure of Draft Resolution 1.1, as they believe in the "excellence" and practicality of their recently submitted Draft Resolution 1.2

The Delegate of Mexico spoke highly of the Draft Resolution he sponsored as "more specific, encouraging more protective acts against negative effect of monopoly and the establishments of aid by the means of experts.

The most outspoken of the sponsors - Delegate of Colombia, expressed her tiredness of having to stay up until 3 A.M. for working on the paper. She urges the council to vote wisely for this intensively - conducted resolution.

The Delegate of the United States of America - one of the sponsors of the previous Draft Resolution, refuse to further explained her disappointment. All the Press could get from the Delegate of US was the word: "Dissatisfaction"

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