[FAO] First look at Promoting Safe and Sustainable Pest Control Mechanism

In the first day of IVMUN, delegates of FAO have been discussing the safe promotion of Pest Control. Different stances regarding the problem have been raised, and common voice is far from being reached. Below are the stances of some nations:


We believe IPM is a substantial means of pest control that should be taken into more thorough consideration. Education for farmers about pest control is also vital to tackling the abuse of harmful pest control.
— Delegate of Pakistan
The United States of America is pleased to be one of the safest and most sustainable country. The Delegate of US would like to attend the sessions as to assist other countries in solving this problematic issue.
— Delegate of the United States of America
The Delegate believes there are no absolute approach to the control of pest usage, for pest having been an efficient help to agriculture in some ways. However, he urges all delegates in FAO to come up with a resolution.
— The Delegate of Zimbabwe
For our country having never developed a proper set of laws, DR Congo expects to listen and learn from other countries, as well as follow the laws of UN. The Delegate hopes for a fruitful debating regarding all the pros and cons of pest.
— The Delegate of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Amanda TranComment