[ECOFIN] Food Monopoly drawbacks discussed in the first committee session

In the very first committee session, on the topic of Preventing Monopoly in Food, Trade and Retail, delegates have voiced their opinions on the drawbacks of the monopolization of the food market. The first point, stated by the Delegate of South Korea, is that Food Monopoly created the atmosphere of ignorance to our citizens. Another point, demonstrated by the Delegate of Colombia, criticizes the impact of Food Monopoly on diets and urges the governments to consider resposibilities to both business and stakeholders. Also mentioned by the Delegates of Venezuela and Brazil, inflation and exploitation of labour are critical results of Food Monopoly. Bangladesh, however, remains highly convinced of benefits regarding monopoly. Wrapping up the moderated caucus, Mexico stated the hope for ECOFIN, in general, to come up with applicable solutions to solving food monopoly. We shall wait for the resolutions to be submitted for our problems to be solved.

Amanda TranComment