[G20] The Progress of the First Resolutions at G20

In the first committee session, the delegates of G20 have been discussing the topic of “Developing a Sustainable Framework for Offshore Oil-drilling”.

Following the flow of debate, some delegates have started editing and organizing their working papers - a vital foundation for every draft resolution during the conference. At the moment, two distinct blocs are focusing on completing their own resolution. It would not be too long before the two draft resolutions are submitted and openly discussed.

The Delegate of Saudi Arabia has made considerable progress with her ally countries on their draft resolution. The proposal was supported by Russian Federation, Turkey, Republic of Brazil, Australia, India, Japan, South Korea, Argentina and Indonesia. “Our utmost priority is to improve the technological advancement.” – stated the delegate of Russia. Furthermore, this delegate also emphasized the bloc’s concern for the health and safety of the labor force.

Meanwhile, the delegate of France and her bloc are also working on their own draft resolution. According to the delegate, they have covered various aspects on their draft resolution, including environment, monetary, employment and funding aspects.

Both resolutions reflect each side’s different interests as well as viewpoints of this topic. Will all delegates be able to achieve a consensus and pass any draft resolutions during the upcoming sessions?

by Binh Nguyen Nguyen — IVMUN 2019 Observer