[G20] The merge of two blocs

Within the flow of debate, the delegate of Turkey has made an unforeseen proposal to merge two blocs together. The delegate of Turkey assumes that the other delegates have been working with a lack of collaboration and wishes for the delegates to discuss more on their resolution; thus, Turkey recommends the merge of two blocs in writing a draft resolution, for she believes that the two blocs have similar approaches to the problem. However, other delegates have expressed their disfavor toward the motion.

The delegate of France has expressed her opposing view. “The delegate of France believes that our blocs have relatively different approaches to the problem” – quoted the delegate of France. She has clearly stated that the two blocs should keep working as they have been and the finished products should be debated on. The delegate of Japan also voices her opinion regarding the contrasting approaches between the two blocs. According to the delegate of Japan, it is reasonable to have two different resolutions with different perspectives. The delegate of Saudi Arabia suggests contribution from other delegates regarding their working paper.

As stances clash, it is likely that the scenario of this committee coming together as a whole won’t occur. Nevertheless, we hope that the entire committee of G20 would eventually arrive at a unanimous set of substantive solutions.

by Hien Minh Bui — IVMUN 2019 Observer