[G20] Draft Resolution of Oil Protection in the Third Session

The third session of G20 took place pleasantly today. A draft resolution on the topic “Developing a Sustainable Framework for Offshore Oil-drilling “ was introduced by the delegates of Saudi Arabia, the Russian Federation, Turkey, the Federal Republic of Brazil, Australia, South Korea, Argentina, Indonesia, and India in the afternoon, while the signatories were : Japan, Mexico, United States of America, France, United Kingdom, European Union, South Africa, China, and Germany. 

The draft resolution emphasized the importance of the implementation of an international framework regulating offshore drilling and understanding of the shortcomings in the current ship-building technology. It also addressed the adverse socio-ecological impacts of offshore oil- drilling. Moreover, the sponsors drew attention to the violation of labor rights, including the risks of hazardous and physically demanding work in difficult or poor working conditions. Besides, the safety of oil drilling facilities and the lack of specific international rules on liability and compensation were other crucial issues in the draft resolution. 

All delegates are currently looking forward to solving the issue as soon as possible.  

by Hoang Son Do — Observer IVMUN 2019

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