[ILO] An incoming draft resolution from ILO?

Although it’s still early in the morning, the committee of ILO has already geared up to move further towards making a fruitful outcome regarding working papers and draft resolutions. Yesterday, as far as the chairs are concerned, the committee’s main discussion all revolved around solutions to adapting labor force to climate change, and “[conversations] keep going back to the same flow”. No conflicts between countries have arisen yet, she stated. 

Understandably, the delegates seem pressed to make changes, asking for sponsors and signatories to their papers. A motion for a moderated caucus continuing the discussion of solutions to polluted working environment by the delegate of the USA failed, with 8 votes out of 16 in favor; while a motion for a 10-minute, with a 5-minute extension, unmoderated caucus by the delegate of the Netherlands passed, largely favored by other delegates. Previously, when the chairs called for a general speakers list, delegates who chose to speak like Bangladesh, the Netherlands, the USA, Sweden, and Myanmar all encouraged everyone to soon come up with an effective working paper as they have debated enough. Netherlands, specifically, urged others to “look into [their] working paper” that he has worked on with his other “trusted partners”.

Currently, after the unmoderated caucus, a motion to introduce working papers has been passed and clauses like “ensuring a green economy for less economically developed countries”, “ensuring welfare and security for minority, disabled people” are being presented, ready for any inquiry. Hopefully, ILO could find themselves finishing a suitable draft resolution to their wishes.

Mai Hoa NguyenComment