Rita Skeeter, your beloved journalist, has confirmed that the most dangerous wizard in the world, the person known as You-Know-Who, has returned from his unexpected collapse since 15 years ago after trying to kill the Chosen One, Harry Potter. According to witnesses, the Dark Mark was seen in at least 200 places throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

An anonymous source from the Ministry also confirmed that most of the prisoners in Azkaban has escaped, including all Death Eaters right after the confirmation of Dark Lord's return. It is speculated that they will become Dark Lord's reinforments. Sight of werewolves was also spotted in the Diagon Alley. The wizards community is currently in chaos as the many people are still haunted by the last time when the Dark Lord was still in power. Celebrities like Celestina Warbeck warned that the current Ministry is cannot be trusted and called for her fans to armed themselves against the Death Eaters.