Editor: Barnabas Cuffe

Under the discretion of the respected Minister of Magic, Professor Severus Snape official becomes the Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The new Headmaster has made necessary changes to the managerial board of the school in order to ensure the quality of education and the security provided to dear students. The Minister of Magic, Mr. Cornelius Fudge looked favourably upon the changes, and expressed that the Ministry would do its best to support any decision made by the new headmaster.

Up till now, Professor Snape has appointed Alecto and Amicus Carrow as the replacements to Professor Trelawney and Professor Binns. These two professors had been repeatedly reported by students to be lacking adequate teaching skills and expertise.

One Ravenclaw students who refused to publicize his identity, said: “Though I deeply appreciate the efforts of Professor Trelawney and Pro. Binns, I think that old age has hit them hard. It’s time to change. We Ravenclaws want to learn decent magic, from qualified professors, like Professor Amicus and Alecto Carrow”. According to the headmaster, many parents have sent owls to express their optimism regarding the changes.