[SOCHUM] Improving the Military Environment for Women

In the second Committee session, the delegates of SOCHUM decided to continue their previous discussion on the topic of improving military life standards for women. The delegate of Cambodia initiated the session, emphasizing that women deserve an equal position to men; thus, providing women with adequate healthcare and healthcare facilities is of utmost importance. She also insisted on the Committee, as a whole, to come up with more solutions in order to provide a sustainable environment while they are serving in the military. Responding to the delegate of Mexico’s question, she also emphasized on the importance of policies that encourages women to join the military.

As for the delegate of Turkey, she totally agreed with this policy and called for financial help from developed countries due to the Turkey’s finance shortage. She believed that this would be an incentive for women who are willing to join the military. Additionally, separate rooms or buildings would decrease the risk of sexual harassment and assaults in the military environment. “Women might not be able to perform at their best in military without such improvements, so further constructive debate are crucial to this discussion” - quoted the delegate of the UK. She also seconded Turkey’s aforementioned point that military infrastructure should be upgraded with the fund of developed countries or NGOs. 

Contrary to proposed initiatives, the delegate of Pakistan opposed to this stance. For Pakistan prioritizes tackling famine and lack of housing, he believed that funding the improvement in the military environment for women is not a major need for human race regarding our “peaceful” world at the moment.

by Khanh Linh Tran — IVMUN 2019 Observer