[SOCHUM] Draft Resolution 1.1 Q&A and Debate

As the third session was coming to an end, Mexico and Allies in a bloc have introduced the first Draft Resolution for the topic of improving the military environment for women.

Opening the Q&A section was the inquiry made by the delegate of Turkey about clause 3: “What is the purpose of short-term financial aid?”. The sponsors of the Draft Resolution proposed that: “All resolutions need financial budgets to take measures. Short-term financial aid may help countries to carry out all the solutions without being dependent on it.”On the other hand, there was a point raised about sub clause 3b , questioning if the sponsors team had elaborated on the budget redirected. Last, the delegate of Israel questioned clause 8: “How to make sure that all soldier join the gender class?” and she received a satisfying answer.

Afterwards, the delegates of UAE and Syria argued for the Draft Resolution. The delegate of UAE proposed that according to the flaws pointed out by the House, the bloc would improve their Draft Resolution. Similarly, the delegate of Syria also called for elaboration to fulfill the Draft Resolution. On the contrary, the delegate of USA and Cambodia turned opposed to the Draft Resolution. The reason of the delegate of USA is: “The Draft Resolution hasn’t touch their issue, the standard must be more clear and specific.” The delegate of Cambodia recognized that the Draft Resolution is still missing details and she called for more amendments from the entire committee to pass this Draft Resolution. 

by Phuong Minh Vu — Observer IVMUN 2019

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