[UNSC] Another successful attempt at passing committee directive

With some necessary modifications made to the committee directive, UNSC members have found a common voice and passed this directive as an instrumental step in reaching the ultimate goal. The committee directive reads as follows:

Committee Directive

Sponsors: United States, Egypt

Signatories: Ethiopia, Israel, South Sudan

The United Nations,

Guided by the spirit of UN Charter,

Guided by the Geneva Convention,

Taking note of the number of casualties in Gaza strip,

Deeply concerned of the violent situation in Egypt and Israel,

1. Declares accordingly that fatal attacks against unarmed civilian protesters should not be normalized,

2. Reminds that sovereign member states of the United Nations have the right to self-defense until the Security Council has taken the measures to maintain peace and security, in pursuant to Article 51 of the United Nations Charter,

3. Deplores the violent attacks by non-state actors that have caused disturbance of peace in Israel and Egypts,

4. Requests member states to contribute in efforts of alleviating the current situation in Gaza strip and Egypt, by sending:
a) Troops and/or field medics for the UNMIE peacekeeping operations,
b) Humanitarian aid such as but not limited to medicines and food,
c) Fire-extinguishing equipments,
d) Fire-proof clothing,
e) Emergency tents.