[UNSC] China and Pakistan face accusations; Pakistan’s survey proposal finally accepted

Amidst the debate on an amendment made to a clause of the directive currently being discussed, the delegate of China falls into accusations held against her by the delegate of Peru and Russia. 

To provide some context, previously a second directive has been introduced by the delegate of Pakistan, stressing the enforcement of surveying the Kashmiri people. Both India and Pakistan will accept the outcome of the survey and carry out necessary constitutional measures consequently. The directive also states that it welcomes the assistance of the international community. Therefore India, not willing to hold a referendum right in her country, asks China to do the part. 

China, however, declines the request due to the fact that it might violate the country’s sovereignty in the Aksai Chin, the disputed border between India and China. It is also why she proposes an amendment to the directive, ensuring no violations will be made. As to whether the UN will be able to conduct a survey to see if Kashmir wants to proceed in accession with whichever state, she says, “China is not responsible for the success of the directive.”

India then motions for a moderated caucus on Russia’s most recent official statement, which is a concern regarding the military movement of China and Pakistan: “[The delegate of India] does not believe that this is a defensive [movement] and demands a clear explanation.” Russia adds on to the concern by saying there have been approximately 10,000 militant troops sent by China to the line of control, calling it an act of violence that also puts pressure on the relationship between Russia and China. Peru joins the argument, accusing China of not informing the committee before its decision to deploy military support. 

In response to the accusations, China repeatedly emphasizes that first and foremost, her country does not send any military body to Pakistan - the only things being sent to Pakistan are firearms and weapons important to its border defense. She continues that because her country and Pakistan have been in a military cooperation for long, it’s not their responsibility to notice the committee prior to any military action. Pakistan defends himself by pointing out two reasons for Pakistani government to ask for China’s support, one being the terror currently posed by the Taliban mobilization to India, hence the need to protect Indians at that territory, and one also being the Chinese and Pakistani long-term military relationship. He reminds India that her country has also violated Pakistani lands, recalling Indian military presence in Pakistan in the past. 

Meanwhile, a new media report surfaces, announcing that Kashmiri people want demilitarization in their lands and have voted in favor of the survey, as well as confronting the current dispute made between the delegates of China and Russia. Talking about her next move concerning the referendum, “[The delegate] will support the directive referendum between India and Pakistan,” shares the delegate of China. For the question of whether India will want to hold the referendum, “India will have to conform,” she responses. 

For the time being, after some more efforts and even Russia’s decision to veto, Pakistan’s directive has passed successfully. 

by Mai Hoa Nguyen — Observer IVMUN 2019

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