[UNSC] Contrasting approaches to continuous inhumane crisis

In light of the recent crisis in South Sudan, neighboring members showed mixed reactions towards this turn of events. Different countries have issued press release stating their action in response: 

(Government of Uganda)

Due to the continuity of inhumane chaotic conflicts going on in South Sudan, crowds of refugees have been roaming across the Ugandan border to the point of overload. The Ugandan government will close the border to prevent any further consequences caused by the uncontrollable amount of refugees.
The Ugandan government orders to retrieve all its sodiers currently operating in south sudanese territory including those involved in recent chaotic situation.

(Government of Sudan)
Sudan has begun evacuating the border areas and increase security across the country to ensure stability.

(Government of Ethiopia)
Ethiopia has opened its borders to South Sudanese refugees and begun constructing refugee camps and provide them with necessities with $50 million.