[UNSC] Criticisms towards India's aggression

At the beginning of the third day, India faced major criticisms from other Member States due to the Indian invasion of Pakistan on the second day of the conference that had resulted in casualties on Pakistani people. Following this, several nations released press releases stating their viewpoints regarding the actions of the Indian government.

The delegate of Russia expressed her disapproval towards the incident and requested that Indian soldiers must face punishments. She also emphasized that both nations should cooperate to solve the problem together and come to a peaceful solution. The delegate of China declared that the motivation behind India's action was "pure hatred". He requested India to have a proper apology and a clear explanation for their aggression. Besides, China also offered monetary and military aid for Pakistan. 

From the newest crisis updates, we knew that the US was preparing for military intervention which involved the B52 planes. The delegate of Russia suggested that the council should not jump into any conclusion for the time being. We shall wait for the progress of the discussion.

by Hien Minh Bui — Observer IVMUN 2019

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