[UNSC] Rebel group in South Sudan occupied GNPOC processing site

Due to lack of security arrangements to protect the site, rebel group in South Sudan has occupied the Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company (GNPOC) processing site. The rebel group hasn’t been identified, but currently suspected as the SPLM-IO. No casualties or hostage has been reported. Because of this occupation, GNPOC is currently not operating, risking possible financial loss for its shareholders, including China National Petroleum Company. SPLM-IO is reportedly issuing a demand for a power-sharing mechanism by the government of South Sudan.

Both USA and Germany organized a press conference between Angela Merkel and Donald Trump. Both showed furious action about the horrendous acts happening to the representative of Germany and Qatar, as well as announcing that:"We will be doing our best to find who is behind this inhumane act and punish them for whatever they deserve".