[UNSC] Response from the South Sudanese goverment concerning the attacks on protestors

Reporting from Juba,

The spokesperson of The government of South Sudan stated:


The South Sudanese government would like to express its deepest condolences to the attacks on protestors in front of the Presidential Palace. Nonetheless, the government would like to remind citizens that violent protests against key government officials will be treated as hostile behaviour. The government would like to give citizens its word that peaceful, non-violent protests shall not be suppressed by security forces by any means. 


The Office of the Presidency of the Republic of South Sudan would like to promise its citizens of a fruitful future period of democracy, and reminds its citizens of the Republic of South Sudan's democratic roots and promises that the government will not stray from its roots of foundation/independence. Dialogues are in place for a democratic presidential election after political stability has been achieved.