[UNSC] Riots broke out in South Sudan

Situation in South Sudan is reaching critical level despite help from foreign country to fix the pipeline. The populace in South Sudan is extremely dissatisfied with the lack of actions from South Sudan in fixing the pipeline themselves. Protestors are roaming the streets, calling for a referendum to unite Sudan. Rebel activities are on the rise with their attack on police stations, attempting to murder country and city officials. Any mis-step could result in an uprising for the citizens of South Sudan

In another moves, South Sudan reduces oil sales price from USD 74.25/bbl to USD 60.50/bbl on oil sales to Germany and France, in return for being named as major trading partner and support to end Civil War via alliance. South Sudanese government needs to sustain maximum oil sales. It has fueled the anger of South Sudanese population, reaffirming that the government of South Sudan is incompetent and referendum is needed