[FAO] Bad blood between two blocs?

Just before the start of the 4th session, we have heard from the Delegate of the United States of America that the Delegate of China has shown an act of traitor by backing out of the working paper to work on another draft resolution with other delegates. "There's drama in the House, but we shall work our best to find common grounds" - quoted the Delegate of US.

The Delegate of China, however, cleared things up by stating that United States might have misunderstood her intentions. The Delegate of China drew herself out of the working paper in joint consensus between both the US and China. She hopes for the working paper to be introduced in order for her to understand other delegates' stances and perfect a satisfying draft resolution.

For the Delegate of India, she pointed out a less renowned draft resolution from South Sudan. India highly complimented on how detailed that draft resolution has been, and expected it to be introduced soon.