[UNSC] UNSC overwhelmingly vote for the joint US-Russia resolution

With 13 vote for and 2 vote abstained by Norway and Israel, the recent resolution on the situation of the Gaza Strip, sponsered by US and Russia was passed.

After the voting, the German ambassador urge countries to take action to tackle the humanitarian problem in South Sudan. The Indian ambassador voiced his concern about the slow progress of the council and urged countries to be more "aggressive" in addressing the problem in South Sudan.

Full text of the resolution:

Committee Directive #2

Sponsor: USA, Russia

Signatories:, Norway, Israel, Sudan, Germany, China

Responding to the recent situation in Gaza strip and noting the concerning civilian casualties due to the firing incident,

the United Nations Security, guided by Article 41 and clause one and two of Article 42 of Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, decides to:

1. Send 7.000 peacekeeping troops to the Gaza strip neighboring Israel,

a. with the mandate of civilian protections and the right of force only to self-defense towards attack from hostily armed forces.

b. The troops-contributing states consists of permanent members of the Security Council, as detailed: USA will contribute 2000 troops including field medics as well as contributing two Hercules cargo aircrafts, China will contribute 2000 troops, France will contribute 1500 troops, and Russia will contribute 1000 troops, with addition to 3 carrier-based Multi-role Jets and 2 orlan-10 recon aircrafts,

2. Establish a UN Peacekeeping base in the Gaza strip to support the operation in the name of UNMIe

The Government of Israel add a ceasefire order for all border troops to the Gaza Strip

The UN Peacekeeping force comes in goodwill, governing over humanitarian aid on Egypt and reduce tensions,

3. Appoint the chief of staff of this peacekeeping operation from France.

4. Urge member states to deploy humanitarian aids, including but not limited to: first aid kit, medical tents, food, and clothes to medical institutions on and near Gaza strip.

5. Recommend the government of Egypt and Israel as well as neighboring countries to remain calm and not resort to violent military approaches.