[UNSC] UNSC passed committee directive on Humanitarian solutions and Peace Control

After discussing the issue in-depth anđ cooperating in harmony with each other, UNSC delegates have introduced then passed this committee directive with firm belief that this is an effective solution to resolve the problem at hand. The committee directive reads as follows:

Committee Directive
Sponsors: USA, Germany, Russia
Signatories: South Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia, Norway
The United Nations Security Council,
Guided by the UN Charter Chapter 7 with the support of article 39 on the determination of peace,
article 42 and 43 on the determination of actions brought into the matters in South Sudan at hand,
Realizing the importance to establish immediate solutions to address the status quo in South
Deeply conscious of the fragile stability in the region;
1. Supports the peace talk initiatives with the Rebel cells in South Sudan to discuss about
newly implemented mechanisms in the transitional government of South Sudan,
2. Strongly urges foreign military powers for the deployment of their troops in South Sudan
as an act of threat of any aggression in the country, through that expects diplomatic talks
(Stated later in Committee Directive 6.),
3. Strongly urges South Sudan armed forces to refrain from opening fire against unarmed
4. Urges the temporary government of South Sudan to immediately conduct a fair election
or referendum to appoint the new President and administration,
5. Endorses the placement of UNMISS personnels to the border between Sudan and South
Sudan, with the with the following provisions:
a. The number of personnels should begin with the amount of 1.000, numbers shall
arise as more tensions arise from the unwillingly cooperative protesting rebel cells,
b. The mandate of UNMISS personnel is to conduct monitoring measures to ensures
that the ceasefire agreement between Sudan and South Sudan continues to be
respected by both parties and ensuring that bilateral conflict would not escalate,
6. Urges member states to deploy aids to the country of Uganda and Ethiopia in support of
their efforts to push forward the immediate establishment of refugees camps via means
but not limited to;
a. Humanitarian aid,
b. Financial support for a substantial financial base,
c. Acceptance of granting asylum to any South Sudanese refugee to a containment of
them in a UN Refugee Camp,
7. Endorses the establishment of refugee camps in South Sudan, in the regions of Bentiu
and Malakal, with the following provisions:
a. The Security Council enlists the active participation of United Nations High
Commissioner for Refugees to manage the camps and help the refugees,
b. The UNHCR shall create a registry for the amount of refugees in each camps,
c. Taking note of the Committee Directive number 3 of United Nations Security
Council meeting, the refugee camps shall be equipped with a demilitarized
perimeter surrounding the camps with the diameter of 1 kilometre,
d. The UNMISS shall be mandated to guard the refugee camps, including in the
demilitarized perimeter,
8. Supports the initiatives taken by the transitional government of South Sudan to conduct a
fair democratic election as mentioned in clause 4, and with the concern for the wellbeing
of South Sudanese, furthermore:
a. Supports the initiatives of the newly appointed government of South Sudan to
establish South Sudan Reconciliation Commission (SSRC), with the task of
initiating coexistence among its diverse societies, addressing common problems
and establishing a common history,
b. The establishment of SSRC should be conducted by the newly-elected government
of South Sudan after the fair election,
c. Strongly condemns any possible foreign intervention in the process of the election,
7. Affirms the need of reintegrating ex-members of armed forces into the society:
a. Reintegration process shall begin immediately after the democratic government has been
established and tensions have been lost in South Sudan,
b. Measures of reintegrating include but not limited to: skill-training, education, and