[UNWTO] Mechanisms to deal with climate change

To wrap up the first Committee session, the Council decided to debate on mechanisms to deal with climate changes. The delegates of Portugal was pleased to see the supportive collaboration of the Committee as a whole. She also stated that mechanism proposed would be wonderful due to the fact that it does not only benefit the tourism but also the education and the economy as well

There are two countries which were interested in financial support. The delegate of France had emphasized his stance in monetary aspects and would love to show his appreciation to any countries coming up with technological aids. In return, the country receiving the support would give France a 5% equivalent of that money. Via answering The Philippines’ question, he also stated that not only France, but the world as a whole are confronting this problem and France’s support will not be limited to only financial but any other support if possible. The delegate of Spain agreed with this as well and required in return a certain percent equivalent of the financial giving.

The delegate of Japan was wholeheartedly supportive and was willing to provide cooperation for climate change assessment, fund distribution and contribution to human sources. Furthermore, the delegate of Senegal also believed that not only money but also the data is vital. The human sources for this needs to be accelerated. The North Korea also offered developed countries fund and human resources without much demanding in return.

As for the solution, the delegate of Maldives pointed out three solutions: forming international cooperation in order to conducting researches and gathering data, preserving sites and asking fund for the program promotion while the delegate of Bahama offered tax free, tax reduction for visitors coming from the giving country and selling at a low price or giving free fruits in returns.