[UNWTO] Minimizing the Effect of the Mitigation Policy

In the second half of the Committee Session, the Council was working on position papers on their first topic: The Preservation of Tourist Sites from climate changes. Most delegates were willing to cooperate and debate on minimizing the adverse effects of the mitigation policy.

The delegate of France stated that it’s disheartening to him how the preservation of tourist sites was being forgotten. He emphasized the importance of minimizing the policy in order to achieve sustainable success. This was fully supported by the delegate of Maldives, who strongly believed that the draft resolution should be once again established.

As for the delegate of Spain, she had an uneasy suspicion towards this topic, but was finally convinced by the evidence about transportation provided in the POI session.

On this topic, “It appears that they have reached a consensus and which they want to write a joined resolution” - quoted one of the chairs. All three chairs aspire the committee to strive as a whole and come up with detailed and practical draft resolutions.

There are currently two resolutions being drafted. One of them involved Bahamas, Italy, India, Russia and Germany as signatories and was sponsored by France, Maldives, South Korea and Portugal. It appeared that they were considering the adaptation, prevention and rehabilitation of the climate changes. The delegate of Portugal, in favor of this draft resolution, stated that rehabilitation for one week to a month must be prioritized and she insisted on the Committee discussing for the best. South Korea also suggested two approaches: to form a board of export in order to consider the risks and to conduct frequent campaigns of rehabilitation for vulnerable sites.

by Khanh Linh Tran — IVMUN 2019 Observer