[UNWTO] UNWTO successfully passed Resolution on Preserving tourist sites from climate influences

Coming into the Third Committee Session, UNWTO as a whole has seconded the motion of introducing the second Draft Resolution on the topic of “Preserving tourist sites from climate influences”. These draft resolutions involve Bahamas, Germany, India, Italy, Russian Federation, Spain, Japan, Senegal, and Nigeria as signatories, and is sponsored by the delegates of France, South Korea, Maldives, and Portugal. “The draft resolution is not perfect and requires the UN’s amendments or further opinions and this delegate hopes to see more fast-paced, constructive debates in the Council due to the lack of time “ - quoted the delegate of Maldives.

Responding to the questions from the delegate of Senegal, Maldives strongly emphasized the bloc’s concern for the deterioration of tourist sites. Specifically, in sub-clause a and b of clause 6, the draft resolution highlighted the vitality of acknowledging this problem and the importance of preserving the architectures. During the session, there is also an intense debate between the delegate of South Korea and the delegate of the Philippines on whether applying the tax-free policy for countries is optimal. The delegate of France concludes the debate by stating that the clause introducing such policies needs to be taken under more consideration.

There are also two amendments that have been made, one is an unfriendly amendment from the delegate of Portugal and the other is from the sponsors themselves. As for the first amendment, the delegate of Portugal wishes to change the word “ tourist sites “ in clause 6 to “ecotourism” due to his strong belief in the more impactful and precise meaning. However, through the motion of voting by dividing the house, this amendment is opposed by a majority of delegates afterward, on account of Portugal’s potential misunderstanding of the clause. For the friendly amendment, clause 7 is changed into reducing the taxes of entering their territories waters in place of free taxes. 17 delegates are in favor of this adjustment and the amendment is passed.

This draft resolution closes the third committee session with a clear sign that the House has reached a consensus for each member state’s benefits.

by Khanh Linh Tran — IVMUN 2019 Observer