[WHO] Alternative Materials: Focal Point in Draft Resolution

In Committee Session 3, the Council as a whole agrees with the motion of introducing the second draft resolution on the topic of Addressing the health challenges posed by micro-plastic in the Global Aquatic Environment. The delegate of Indonesia insists on a neutral discussion for more opinions or new ideas.

During the 5 minute POI time, the Delegate of Indonesia constantly highlighted the immediacy of those measures, which includes the process of thorough research before putting the measures into practice. She also clearly stated that the draft resolution was constructed by delegates from different countries and regions around the world due to the sponsors' desire to assure that there are as many aspects covered as possible. Via this draft resolution, this block also emphasizes the effectiveness of the alternative material: bamboo. Using alternatives in fishing gear would enhance the ability of a sustainable amount of microplastic’ reduction. When it comes to the sustainable development of the economy, the PP plastic should be used as the least harmful plastic in daily life.

After the motion to introduce the draft resolution, the Council is discussing the amendments at the moment. Hopefully delegates of the WHO can reach a consensus for each state member's benefits.

by Khanh Linh Tran — Observer IVMUN 2019