[WHO] First Draft Resolution Introduced

Just before the tea break, the delegate of the US in conjunction with her allies has introduced the very first Draft Resolution regarding the topic of Health Challenges posed by Microplastics.

Germany – a sponsor of the Draft Resolution – states that “Draft Resolution 1.0 covers both short-term and long-term resolutions”. It is unquestionable that practical resolutions have been materialized after long hours of debating.

Other delegates expresses their contentment on the accomplishments of this Draft Resolution. The Delegate of Kuwait says that she is delighted to see fruitful debates. She states that this is not a competition to see whose resolution is better, and she wishes that all countries will work together and eventually reach a solution to the problem.

The delegate of the US points out that their Draft Resolution contains some similar approaches to the Draft Resolution that the other bloc has been working on. She calls for Member States to work together and submit amendments in order to add details to the Draft Resolution. On the other bloc, the Delegate of New Zealand also shares the view of US. She urges all countries to lend support to each other to reach the most comprehensive Draft Resolution.

by Binh Nguyen Nguyen — IVMUN 2019 Observer