[WHO] On the advantages and disadvantages of Nanotechnology

The World Health Organization (WHO) has initiated afternoon sessions by discussing the advantages and disadvantages of Nanotechnology. A common concern raised by Poland, Germany and Maldives is that Nanotechnology poses a threat on the safety of public health. Particularly, the introduction of miniscule particles-like raises concern regarding the possibility of introducing lung cancer to the public. The delegate of Maldives also brings up the concern of expense for Nanotechnolgy. Sharing the same concern, the delegate of Hungary suggests the house should not focus on the pros and cons of Nanotechnology but rather the accessibility of such technology. On another note, the delegates of South Korea and Laos agree on the advantages of Nanotechnology. South Korea mentions the implication of Nanotechnology in plastic surgery in South Korea. This delegate believes that the house should encourage a controlled development for Nanotechnology.

Linh Ngoc BuiComment