This year, IVMUN will have two delegate registration rounds: Premium and Platinum. Anyone aged 13-22 is allowed to apply to be a Delegate in this conference. Applicants will need to fill out all the information in the form and wait for their application to be assessed by the Chairs and Content Developers for IVMUN 2019. We will base our evaluation solely on the content of your submission and your suitability for our Committees.

Continuing its previous endeavor, IVMUN 2019 will also feature Delegations, which are groups of Delegates representing a school or institution that attend the Conference together. Members of the Delegation will not necessarily have the same country allocation or committee allocation. Delegations will be automatically considered for Delegation awards.

Register to become a part of IVMUN 2019 now:


MAY 1 – Platinum Delegate & Observer Registration Opened

MAY 15 – Platinum Delegate & Observer Registration Closed

MAY 20 – Platinum Results & Observer Results Released

MAY 25 – Payment Deadline for Platinum Applicants & Observers

MAY 26 – Waitlist Results Announced

MAY 31 – Payment Deadline for admitted Waitlist applicants

Note: All dates and times are in Vietnam time (GMT +7)

For more information, please visit our Events page.