Welcome Letter

Dear Fellow Delegates and Honored Guests,

On behalf of the Secretariat Team, we are absolutely delighted to invite all of you to the third iteration of IVMUN, which is to be held from June 30 to July 02 in Hanoi and from July 14 to July 17 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

In the context of perpetual societal upheaval, Model United Nations has always manifested itself as one of the most innovative and life-changing platforms for youths to express their opinions about whatever socio-political matters they are passionate about. Through MUN conferences, youths are empowered to discuss world affairs, propose resolutions, and negotiate with one another in the position of world leaders. It is also through MUN conferences that youths can acquire deep insights into matters of grave international concern, hone their diplomacy and collaboration skills, and  interact with people of diverse perspectives - the influence of Model United Nations is such that its participants can prepare themselves immensely for the challenges of the future.

Since its inception, IVMUN has carried the heavy yet honourable responsibility of inspiring the young generation to find a voice in and beyond the committee room. Through the past two years of maturation, IVMUN 2017 returns with brand-new distinctive features that are designed to enhance the experience of the delegates. The Conference will revolve around 08 committees, consisting of 02 General Assembly committees, 03 Specialized Agencies, 01 Regional Body, and 02 Crisis Councils. IVMUN 2017 will also have a team of news outlet agency specialized in delivering the most refreshing updates within the conference to all delegates. Together with this novel elements are well-fashioned and coherent topics, informative training guides and sessions, as well as a talented board of Chairs and Secretariats all dedicated to offering a top-notch service.

Priding ourselves on organizing one of the rising international conferences in Vietnam, we are wholeheartedly invested in making your experience well-rounded. Therefore, IVMUN 2017 will also feature informative Advisory Panel sessions and multitudinous bonding activities to help everyone achieve their most satisfactory experience.

We would also like to make a tribute to all of the secretariats, advisors, and sponsors for having assisted me in this endeavour. Had it not been for the synergy and consummation with which we have worked together, IVMUN would not have come thus far. The realization of each goal of this conference is due in part to your wondrous contribution.

Whether you are a newcomer to MUNs or have become a MUN veteran, we sincerely hope that you can have a memorable experience with IVMUN 2017 this summer. Please do not hesitate to reach us should you have any enquiries. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” - let IVMUN be that one step in your pursuit and join us to embark on the quest to “change the world, one resolution at a time.”

Sincerely yours,

Manh-Linh Le and Quynh-Anh Nguyen

Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-General