1. What is IVMUN?

IVMUN is designed for both high-school students and undergraduates. Joining IVMUN, you will be able to take part in a Model UN conference to enthusiastically discuss global issues. Besides, you will have the opportunity to sharpen your personal skills, enrich your knowledge and raise your awareness of daily occurrences worldwide.

More information can be found here.

2. What is the time and date of the conference?

June 29th - July 1st, 2018. More information can be found here.

3. What is the location?

IVMUN 2018 will be hosted in Hanoi, Vietnam.

4. What is the targeted audience?

Students aged 13 to 22 worldwide can participate in IVMUN 2018.

5. How much does Premium Registration fee cost?

- 500.000VND for individual delegates

- 450.000VND for each Delegate belonging to a Delegation

Details about the fee will be elaborated in the result e-mail.

6. Who are the participants?

Besides the Secretariat team, there are two other main participants: Delegates and Observers

- Registration time for Premium Delegate: April 9th to April 23th 2018

- Registration time for Platinum Delegate and Observer: 13th May to May 27th 2018

7. How to become a delegate?

In order to be a delegate, you need to fulfill all the questions in the form below. Upon your passing this round, you put one step closer to have a spot at IVMUN 2018. Nevertheless, being an official delegate means your thoroughly completing the payment mentioned above. Every detail regarding this manner will be sent directly to your mailing address to ensure the privacy.

8. How many people are there will attend the program?

Generally speaking, the conference comprises roughly 180 delegates, 40 observers, 60 organizing team members and correspondents.

9. Which language is used at the conference?

All the delegates and observers at IVMUN 2018 are required to communicate entirely in English. Hence, it is highly recommended that you have a rudimentary background of English to guarantee the professionalism of the program.

10. Is there a dress code for IVMUN 2018 activities?

For activities prior to the conference day, participants are required to dress semi-formally. Participants are expected to dress formally in business attire throughout the conference days, except for the Social Night when participants are allowed to dress down.

11. Is accomodation and transport provided?

Featured accomodation and transport will be included in the Valued Package offered in the e-mail confirming your Delegate results. IVMUN 2018 unfortunately does not provide transport to the city of Hanoi.

Information on applying for visa can be obtained via email to

12. What are the requirements of delegation?

Delegations are a group of delegates from the same institution or unit attending IVMUN together. Your Head will be representing every other delegate to fill out the Delegation form (alongside his/her own Delegate application). Members of a delegation do not necessarily belong to the same committees. Each member of a Delegation which has more than 10 successful delegates as members will be granted a discount of 50.000 VND from their registration fee.