[UNSC] Criticisms towards India's aggression

At the beginning of the third day, India faced major criticisms from other Member States due to the Indian invasion of Pakistan on the second day of the conference that had resulted in casualties on Pakistani people. Following this, several nations released press releases stating their viewpoints regarding the actions of the Indian government.

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Hien Minh BuiComment
[G20] Draft Resolution of Oil Protection in the Third Session

The third session of G20 took place pleasantly today. A draft resolution on the topic “Developing a Sustainable Framework for Offshore Oil-drilling “ was introduced by the delegates of Saudi Arabia, the Russian Federation, Turkey, the Federal Republic of Brazil, Australia, South Korea, Argentina, Indonesia, and India in the afternoon, while the signatories were : Japan, Mexico, United States of America, France, United Kingdom, European Union, South Africa, China, and Germany. 

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Hoang Son DoComment