Gateway International School

35 Tho Thap Street, Hanoi, Vietnam


Gateway International School is established with the international cooperation of Sakura Montessori education system and Gateway Education Global. Gateway International School brings international ideas of education to the city of Hanoi, to create an internationally-oriented school under the management of Gateway Education Global.

Gateway International School is built with a total area of 15,000 m². The architecture of the school consists of many classrooms and specially rooms including a science lab, technology lab, music room, and a visual arts room. A multifunction building holds a gym, community space, library, conference rooms, a swimming pool and garden.

Our modern classrooms fit the international standard of 60 m² for a maximum of 24 students per class. In addition to the library, our classrooms are fully equipped with books written in both Vietnamese and English. The books are classified into various reading levels in order to evaluate comprehensive ability and enhance students’ ability to master reading skills at all levels.

The modern and sophisticated architecture of Gateway International School provides a friendly and sustainable green environment. Natural sunlight shines through the windows into every classroom. Open-adjustable windows play an effective role in ventilating the air during cooler weather. 

Indoor and outdoor spaces are designed using international classroom standards to promote student learning. The outdoor landscape offers a welcoming environment suitable to an abundance of outdoor enrichment opportunities such as exploring, planting, and gardening.